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Aklamator plugin for WordPress will help you to start using Aklamator easily


If already have registered Aklamator account and own website that is using Wordpress please skip to step 2

process 3

Create new AKLAMATOR account

Sign Up and get free Aklamator account and Aklamator Application ID

- Click on Sign up and create your account.
- Choose publisher
- Fill your information and click “Create new account”
- You will get verification email with activation link (please check SPAM folder if it is missing). After activating your account proceed to login to Aklamator

Create account

process 2

Get your application ID

Sign in and get your Aklamator APPLICATION ID

- After logging in, go to your profile and copy Application ID

Get Code

process 2


Download Aklamator wordpress plugin and paste your Aklamator Application ID

Go to your WordPress administration panel and paste the Aklamator Application ID as shown here

Download plugin


  • Aklamator should be now active on your Wordpress website and you should be able to see available aklamator widgets in the bottom half of the screen.
    Now you can log into the Aklamator and create more widgets and add RSS feed to populate them with media releases.
    Later you could add payed media releases and their target number of clicks.
    To track statistics and for additional configuration, please login to Aklamator website.

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